• You put your best into whatever you do, and you deserve the same from your fitness coaching. At GhFitlab, we communicate clearly and we listen carefully. We measure each client’s physical and psychological reality to continually customize the most efficient and effective fitness regime.

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  • When it comes to your exercise routine and overall health, you deserve a program created with the same high level of standards as the ones you set in your own life. In just two hours per week, GhFITLAB will coach you to achieve superior results that leave you invigorated — not depleted.

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  • GhFITLAB is all about minimizing your time investment while coaching you towards your optimum level of health. When you partner with us, your coach will guide you towards long-term, sustainable lifestyle improvements customized just for you.

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GhFITLAB is dedicated to starting you off right. As a new member, you will receive our proprietary Health Intelligence assessment to jumpstart your most effective and efficient one-to-one training program. Your customized regime will incorporate the right balance between weight training to build healthy muscle and expert nutritional and lifestyle coaching to deliver dramatic and sustainable results.

  • "The greatest difference between GhFITLAB and other programs is constant two-way feedback. It’s a lot more personalized and effective."
    Dr. Micah Eimer - Cardiologist

  • "I used to avoid exercise by any means - now I really look forward to working out. It’s a huge life change."
    Sarah Norwell - Designer

  • “At my annual physical, my vitals were hugely improved. I look better, I feel better and I’m happier.”
    Joel Friedman - Law Partner, Horwood Marcus

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